Club NME - PLAYED ON: Friday 4 March 2011

The Agitator


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Brighton's The Agitator feature Derek Meins on vocals and Robert Dylan Thomas on drums. Described as a 'soundtrack for this coming age of austerity', The Agitator want to inspire and energise with their music.

Speaking of their time in the studio, the band say “Originally I wanted a new kind of music, nothing more than banging, stamping, clapping and vocals, something anyone could do anywhere – on a march, at a protest. But then it grew. We added a drum-kit, and that sounded great, then we went in the studio, and being a massive Public Enemy / NWA fan, from when Hip-Hop had some social concern, we tried that, and suddenly all the power we were looking for exploded out at us."

The band's music touches upon a variety of political themes. Derek Meins explains: "I felt something had to be done and I couldn’t just carry on sitting round writing arty songs hoping somebody else would do it. That’s what The Agitator is – One man’s small attempt to do something about it all. Loudly!”

Tickets for this event are available from the venue box office, and can be purchased at face value if payment is made in cash.


Live shots by Matt Chung.


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