PLAYED ON: Sunday 6 December 2015


Live in concert

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Mich'el Pierre:7.20pm


Kut Klose:8.20pm           


Avant  9.45pm

These times are just for guidance and are subject to change. KOKO can not be held responsible for changes to the stage times, please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Please note this show is rescheduled from 7 June 2015 - original tickets remain valid.

Please note this show is 18+.

Silk, aka Timothy Cameron, Jimmy Gates, Jr., Jonathen Rasboro, and Gary Jenkins issued their debut LP, Lose Control, in 1992 and have excited urban contemporary audiences, with their engaging harmonies and suggestive material. Their single "Freak Me" was a huge hit in 1993; two years later, the group issued a self-titled LP for Elektra, followed in 1999 by Tonight.

From Brooklyn, New York, Intro are led by songwriter/lead vocalist Kenny Greene, with Jeff Sanders and Buddy Wike his fellow singers. They made their initial impact in 1993, establishing themselves on the US R&B vocal scene with a self-titled debut album that reached number 11 on the Billboard R&B album chart. By the advent of a follow-up collection in 1995, the group had slowed the pace of their delivery to present a more reflective, melodic song suite dominated by ballads.

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