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Bank Holidays, you got to love em. A real cracker will kick off with, if you're lucky, a stupefyingly hot, stationary, stare at a field whilst trying not to gnaw your own hand off type traffic jam. Swiftly followed by sixteen types of weather in an hour, on a beach. Or you may have chosen to stand in a boggy field next to not only the biggest, but infuriatingly, also the quietest sound system on planet rock. It's at times like these you start to wonder if you really should've turned down the invitation to join your extended family in a caravan fighting off swarms of killer bees.

OK, we made up the part about the bees. But fear not, don't panic, you are saved from all of the above as we announce the Bank Holiday Club NME Special on Sunday 31 March.

We've got:

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Resident Club NME DJs - Ed Wilder and Alana B

Caan: You might have heard Caan’s previous band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. You might not. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is what is happening now. Caan is a new artist.

He has been holed up working on new material which certainly contain those elements of synthpop and electronica which made his name, but is also fleshed now with a wider range of influences, styles and genres - from drum and bass beats to garage rock - all underpinned with his soulful vocals.

MT: “Coming on like the bastard son of Julian Casablancas and Ed McFarlane, MT mastermind Michael Tomlinson unleashed one of the year’s most intriguing songs with Paranoid People Meet Me In The Middle. Live favourite Alpha Romeo is even more thrilling, substituting the lunatic weirdness for unbelievable catchiness.” NME

With a fast growing reputation for sell-out good-time shows across London – MT are the band to look out for in 2013.

The four-piece is lead by Michael Tomlinson, with Macks Faulkron on drums, Freddie Tyson-Brown on bass organ & guitar and Gabi Woo on piano & synths. MT's energy has seen the band make waves in the London scene with residencies at Ridley Road Market Bar in Dalston & Club NME this summer.

Advance tickets just five english pounds.

Students - come to Club NME for £2 before 10.30pm / £4 before Midnight every Friday* with your student card.

*excluding Halloween, Xmas and NYE balls.

Tickets for this event are available from the venue box office, and can be purchased at face value if payment is made in cash. Please note promoters may increase ticket price if purchased on the night. The night finishes at 4am. Please note, you may be required to have your ID scanned at the front door.



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