PLAYED ON: Friday 21 April 2006

Club Nme - the Fratellis + the Bishops

The Fratellis
The Bishops
Jeff Automatic

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A Kinky Clash of glam, pop & rock that'll have every 'punkabilly' dancing!

So Mince was a stoner, Barry was a car thief and Jon was just a Jon. Through their mutual love of Strange Fruit they gathered to create the happilyest of sounds. Where stovable loners meet frustrated aristocratic nymphs, where shoe fetishists will go to the gang fight and where Stacie Anne meets the Budhill boys in the back seat.....

Didnt the boy done good! 'MON THE FRATELLIS ! "

Door: 9.30pm - 4am
Call: 0870 145 1115
Promoted by: KOKO presents


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