PLAYED ON: Friday 21 March 2014


The Gentlemen

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Please note, this show is 14+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult).

The Feeling 2006's debut album, ‘Twelve Stops and Home’, topped the UK charts, and yielded three Top 10 singles. They were the most-played band on UK radio in 2006, and their success was capped the following spring when they were named Songwriters of the Year at the Ivor Novello awards.

Two more hit albums – ‘Join With Us’ and ‘Together We Were Made’ – followed, but the band readily admit that, having made their debut album in a garden shed belonging to Kevin and Ciaran’s mum and dad, they were losing touch with the bond that had brought them together in the first place: a love of music, and an urgent need to record and perform it.

Dan Gillespie Sells can pinpoint the precise moment The Feeling’s new album first came into being. He had returned to London alone after spending Christmas 2011 in the English countryside, his five-year relationship in tatters, his head in turmoil. Sitting by himself in the East London pub he bought in 2010 and converted into a home (with a recording studio on the ground floor, naturally), Dan did what all born writers do in such situations: he plonked himself down at the piano, and wrote a song.

The result was ‘You’ll See’, one of the 11 tracks that make up ‘Boy Cried Wolf’. The album’s title is taken from its opening song, ‘Blue Murder’, which fans of the London-based five-piece will recognise at once as classic The Feeling. The album is the band’s first under an exciting new worldwide deal for recording and publishing with BMG Chrysalis, after their previous deal with Island Records came to an end, and its sounds, hooks, melodies and lyrics attest to the sense of liberation the band felt when they reconvened at Dan’s house. “Making a record because you want to make a record is incredibly different to making one because you’re required to,” says Dan.

“I think something that happens to a lot of artists after a certain amount of success is that you lose the ability to hear your own voice, because you’re just listening to everyone else’s. That’s a pretty horrible place to be. And even if you know it’s happening, even if someone warns you about it, even if you think you’re on top of it, there’s a point where you end up listening to so many different opinions, you can’t do it anymore.”

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Live photos by Tania Olive. To see more, head to our Facebook page.


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