Club NME - PLAYED ON: Friday 15 October 2010



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As a member of acclaimed underground duo, Abstrackt Keal Agram, Lionel Pierres has been fundamental in developing a new voice for French music throughout the noughties, creating music that inspires and informs producers and musicians throughout the underground.

Now with Fortune, he and band mates Pierre Lucas and Herve Loos channel hip hop and electronic influences through conventional pop song structures to create a new electronic music that owes as much to Pavement and Grandaddy as it does to the production genius of Pharell Williams.

Their debut album ‘Staring At The Ice Melt’ was recorded and written under the guiding principle of making music that was ‘simple but not easy’, which left the band with a record that at times seems like a compendium of some of the finest (and most diverse) moments in pop history.

With DJ sets from Jeff Automatic and Ed Wilder.

Live shots by Olivia Frayman.


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