PLAYED ON: Saturday 24 November 2012


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Guilty Pleasures is London’s biggest, boldest, brashest and best night out. Packed with relentlessly energetic djs, acrobatic bedazzling dancers, live bands and speciality performers galore, over seven years it has established itself as the capital’s number one top spot for a P.A.R.T.Y.

“It’s infectious and theatrical and rousing and makes you want to dance yourself silly”
The Telegraph

Guilty Pleasures crams an army of entertainment into every party, presenting a fully fledged live spectacular on the KOKO stage with themes, special guest performers and the greatest musical smashers from the pop and party spectrum – Buggles to Beyoncé, Wild Cherry to Katy Perry, Whitney to Winehouse – all played with unabashed joy and passion that’ll have you bouncing off the walls and head over heels with excitement. It’s what Saturday nights were invented for.

It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to.

But we probably won’t. We shall REVEL in the joy of pop!

Theme for the party is Heroes and Villains! Dress as your idol, good, bad or straddling the divide. Full party details to come soon…

Curfew is 3am.


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