PLAYED ON: Saturday 29 January 2011

Guilty Pleasures

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Turkey, egg nog, roast potatoes, chocolates, mulled wine, sausages, bowls of nuts that no one eats – it’s hardly a diet for a svelte form is it? With all the Christmas cuisine nestling comfortably about your person in satisfied skin pockets of lard where, well nothing else used to be, perhaps it’s time to put down the dairy milk and put on your trainers. Bit boring though isn’t it? And it’s still WELL COLD.

Fret thee not, for help is at hand when Guilty Pleasures returns to KOKO from its Christmas hibernation to unleash a disco dancing super pop aerobics party on Saturday 29th January, when we order you to SHAPE UP with a delicious diet of pop, dancing and ridiculous fun at our Let’s Get Physical Disco Workout Party!

Leading the class with suitable musical accompaniment to get those wobbly limbs, lean and buff once more will be 1984 Disco Dancing Champion SEAN ROWLEY, with his cast of merry men (and woman) of djs, dancers and general merry makers including:

ANNA GREENWOOD (Gladiator’s runner up 1995)

THE DREAMBEARS (Slimming World title holder 1990 – 1991)

DAN HAYES (Weight lifting champ of his school)


Kicking off the start of the night will be a group Aerobics class on the dancefloor to get the circulation going for our non-stop body pumping party. Working yourself up into a sweat and shedding those pounds to a double serving of wholesome pop will be on offer all night long. For those seeking a break, then grab a pint of muscle relaxant at the bar or work on strengthening your vocal muscles with SingStar in the top Balcony.

As from all our parties mass participation is most welcome therefore we want you to dress your best for the gymnastic fantastic. So that’s high top trainers, leggings, leotards, sweat bands, legwarmers and basically everything in the Jane Fonda Workout video that is gathering dust on your mum’s shelf.

Come the end of the night we will all be one stone lighter*, packed full of emotive pop endorphins, slipping back into our skinny jeans and dumping our partners because we’re too hot for them now. Coo, what a way to start the year!

*we won’t be


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