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Guilty Pleasures is an unashamedly glorious all-singing, all-dancing renouncement of pop music and an antidote to modern day clubbing fatigue. In six short years it has become one of the biggest events and movements of the music scene; “a putative global phenomenon” no less, as The Guardian described us. Pretty swanky, hey?

Created by broadcaster and music fan Sean Rowley on his cult BBC London radio show, the weekly spot on his programme has evolved into a full blown pop show experience, if such a thing exists, with djs, dancers, performers and a riot of fun.

All aspects of the colourful word of pop are in force; from soft rock to disco, forgotten one hit wonders to chart stompers - we love and celebrate them all. Every party is themed and dressing up is positively encouraged. There’s no such thing as too much at Guilty Pleasures; it’s all about indulgence after all, so dive in!

Next Party - Saturday 26th March

Never needing an excuse for our unabashed show stopping heart pounders that are the KOKO parties, the month of March shall see us rejoicing in the release of the new GP cd album by getting trolleyed on spendy champers and posing with page three girls, for the album release party on Saturday 26th March.

The party will have a Top of the Pops theme giving us all opportunity to dress up like rock and pop stars (if one so desires, you don't have to, but it's FUN) and pretend we are the chart climbers we always dreamed we’d be. Featuring a jam packed show of djs, dancers and great big show offs including SEAN ROWLEY, ANNA GREENWOOD, PRINCE NELLY, DREAMBEARS, DISCOB*TCHES, HOT GUSSET AND GAY BINGO. It's a platinum chart stormer.


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