PLAYED ON: Thursday 3 July 2008

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Does It Offend You

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Two years ago, Hadouken! would simply have been a highly contentious Scrabble triple-word score. However, since their emergence in January 2007 with debut single “That Boy That Girl” and genre-shredding mix-tape Not Here To Please You, these fluorescent adolescents have rampaged through the trad-rock party with a gatecrashers’s zeal.

Already a teenage veteran of the Watford jungle scene, singer James Smith’s relocation to Leeds in 2005 brought both a meeting with partner-in-grime Daniel ‘Pilau’ Rice and a burning ambition to deconstruct the local indie scene into strange new forms. The most recent result -debut album Music For An Accelerated Culture is, naturally, a futuristic amalgam of glowstick chants, death metal riffs and synapse-shredding beats where intergalactic terrace chants (“Mister Misfortune”) and snippets of flamenco guitar (“Spend Your Life”) live happily side by side.

Not only the most insurectionary British pop band since The Manics (and before that, McCarthy), Hadoucken! also posesse a fine line in self-deprecating humour. Who else would define themselves on their MySpace site as “ASBO DISCO”?


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