PLAYED ON: Tuesday 9 October 2018


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Please note that Loski's show that was moved to Electric Brixton has been postponed. All tickets will remain valid for the new date, however if a refund is required please see your ticket provider.
Official statement...
"I want to apologise to all my fans who bought tickets as unfortunately my London show is having to be postponed.
My team and I have tried everything to keep the show on for you but following the structural damage at KOKO we’ve experienced a number of issues in finding a last min venue that could hold the special set up we had planned for the show.
You can either hold your tickets for new date or get a full refund from the outlets. Apologies again and I look forward to sharing a new date soon."

Please note this is a 14+ show (under 16s must be accompanied by an 18+ adult)

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Every area has a top boy – an influence that the local kids look toward as an inspiration, a source of power, a king. In the south London district of Kennington, that star is an eighteen-year-old MC called Loski. An affiliate of the young and celebrated Harlem Spartans crew, he’s striking out this year with the long-awaited and highly anticipated debut solo mixtape ‘Call Me Loose’.

Released off the break out singles “Money & Beef” and “Cool Kid” – tracks that quickly cemented Loski as the one to watch in London’s drill scene, each racking up a cool two and a half million views – ‘Call Me Loose’ is set to put Kennington and, by proxy, Loski on the map. But for the uninitiated, let’s lay out his back-story.

Standing apart from some of the United Kingdom’s less-lived musicians, Loski didn’t grow up with musical aspirations. Instead, he initially sought out a career as a professional football player. Then came a roadblock: an injury that poured water on the fire of Loski’s future prospects, leading him to become dropped. “When you’re younger that stuff gets to you. I thought ‘nah, this isn’t for me,’” he says today.

With football out the way, Loski started to roll around his neighbourhood. Like most kids his age, he became caught up in the trappings of his area. Drill began to pop off around the same time and Loski and his pals found inspiration in the young Chicago artists who were making a name for themselves. “50 Cent is hard but we don’t relate to him as much. Chicago drill artists were young and in the streets like us, so we related to them more. ‘Oh, they’re only 15/16 – they’re just like us,’” he remembers.

“Everyone used to say ‘yeah you’re hard, rap rap,’” Loski says. And so, that’s exactly what he did. In 2016 – at 16 years old – he released “Hazards”, the track that first illuminated his name among the UK music scene. Still, music was for fun, to make a noise, and Loski didn’t anticipate the reaction it received. “[I started to make music] to let everyone know ‘this is my area’. I wanted to show everyone that ‘this is us’. But everyone liked it and it brought more attention than I expected.”

Please note, you may be required to have your ID scanned at the front door. For more information, please click here.


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