PLAYED ON: Wednesday 4 November 2009

Shantel & The Bucovina Club Orkestar

the DruMachine Project
Balkan DJs

Gig info

Planet Paprika Tour
+ The DruMachine Project 8pm
+ Balkan djs from 7pm

Having conquered the world with hits Bucovina and Disko Partizani (3.5 million views on Youtube), Shantel returns to KOKO with the full Bucovina Club Orkestar for a night of Balkan-Gypsy-Disco-Excess. His album Planet Paprika is topping charts across Europe. "Planet Paprika is an all-inclusive place of the heart and mind, where East meets West, where there are no borders, no need for visas and the only people who might have trouble gaining entry are the style police and po-faced traditionalists."  (Perceptive Travel)  An uplifting party with great music and loads of fun!

"A storming live experience" Songlines

"mixing gypsy brass with ska and disco.guaranteed success as a party album. a brilliant live performer"
The Guardian

"fiddles, accordions and blazing brass with reggae rhythms and club beats.perfectly tailored for party revelry"
The Observer

"a guilty pleasure to rival the trashiest Balkan turbo-pop hit." BBC Online Reviews


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