Club NME - PLAYED ON: Friday 14 January 2011


DJs Push Music

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London's Silvery are indie art rock at its finest. Founder and lead singer-songwriter James Orman creates a world immersed in all things eccentrically English, with lyrical content mixing non-fiction, Victoriana, love of historic machinery, and 70's TV detective-isms with a musical philosophy of "anything goes". With a doff of a stove-pipe hat to Blur, Bowie, XTC and Sparks, their sound is an eclectic but commercial proposition.

With their debut record, 'Thunderer & Excelsior' being named an Artrocker Album of the Year and their sophmore release 'Railway Architecture' being dubbed one of the most exciting releases of the year, Silvery are golden.

With DJs Push Music.

Live shots by Olivia Frayman.


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