PLAYED ON: Saturday 17 September 2011

Soundcrash ft. Daedelus + Luke Vibert


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Soundcrash takes you on a sonic adventure to the far reaches of the galaxy with 4 consummated sound explorers at the controls. Join us on a journey through the most colorful soundscapes known to man as we hand over the reins of the KOKO mother-ship to LA’s Daedelus launching his new AV set, Luke Vibert aka Wagon Christ aka Captain Acid, Brainfeeder’s Kutmah and his black box of delights plus the Hidden Orchestra, who’ll be coming out of hiding to deliver a full live show.

Everyone's favourite Victorian-garmented futurist is set to turn entire worlds upside down from his podium at KOKO with his deft skills, elegant flair and wild imagination. Unveiling a brand new AV set for the first time in the UK tonight, the Ninja tune and Brainfeeder sound sculptor will create his brand of exotica dance music in front of your own eyes with the aid of his trusty Monome and approximately 5 and a half tons of talent.

We are also very pleased to announce that Daedelus will be flying in the mighty Archimedes to make its European debut at KOKO.  Imagined by Daedelus, created with the expertise of Emmanuel Biard and David Leonard, and premiered on Daedelus’ Magical Properties Tour, Archimedes is essentially a bespoke mechanised wall of moving mirrors. In time with the music Archimedes twists lights and flips images projected from its base, amplifying the already-ecstatic light show for a unique visual experience. Remember to bring your spare face when you go see this and don’t forget to check Archimedes and Daedelus in action here, words don’t really do Archimedes justice.

You can always count on Luke Vibert to rip it up from his laptop at any event, be it as Wagon Christ or as himself he will always deliver the goods. As hard to describe as he is to track down, Luke’s sets shine for their unpredictability, but you know you will definitely  be getting a healthy dose of acid bleeps, some wobbly basslines and bruised feet. Just the way it should be.

Djs don’t get much better than Kutmah. The eclectic quick-mixing firebrand cut his teeth at the legendary Low-End Theory nights in LA playing alongside the likes of Flying Lotus and the Gaslamp Killer and in many respects surpassing them with his flawless mixing and sick music selections. From reggae to dubstep, punk and hip hop, styles merge into one relentless deluge of ill beats. Kutmah cannot be overlooked.

Last but not least come the Hidden Orchestra, a truly hidden gem hailing from Scotland to deliver their much-loved live show with two drummers; and a mixture of deep electronica with jazz (and a sprinkling of krautrock) that is making the delights of crowds the world over. Make sure you get in early for this!

Tickets for this event are available from the venue box office, and can be purchased at face value if payment is made in cash.


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