Club NME - PLAYED ON: Friday 26 November 2010

Flash Fiktion

Ice Black Birds

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Club NME favourites, Flash Fiktion, are one of London's most excitig new bands. Sounding somewhere between the Klaxons and the Clash, this three-piece are sure to delight. The band's newest single, Leni, is as likely to have you running to the front row of a show as it is to have you dancing with the energy of an Olympic athlete.

Ice Black Birds' sound has been described as indie-dance-blues. Just as likely to be compared to the Yardbirds as Tom Vek, this Brighton four-piece are keen to breakaway from indie stereotypes and to do it in style. Debut single 'Ears to the Ground' is already a crowd favourite and is sure to a Club NME favourite very soon.

With Ed The Saint (DJ).

Live shots by Mat Gallagher.


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