PLAYED ON: Thursday 26 March 2009

Tunng with Tinariwen

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The final line-up of three members of Tinariwen, collaborating with Tunng on tour in March can now be announced.  It is Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni (guitar, vocals), Eyadou Ag Leche (guitars, bass guitar, vocals) and Said Ag Ayad (percussion, vocals).  

It’s no surprise that when Tunng and members of Tinariwen came together earlier this year to record a session for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, the results were startling.  They recorded a beautifully fluid set with a sense of space and ease; fragments of vocals, languages, riffs and melodies weaving together effortlessly.  This will be aired on Late Junction on 19th February 2009 and can be experienced live when Tunng with Tinariwen (trio) do ten dates in the UK on a Contemporary Music Network tour – see dates below.

Tunng inhabit a place in UK music which is entirely their own and full of contradictions.  Their sound is instantly recognisable, but never seems to stand still.  Their lyrics explore the dark crevices of life without ever losing hope.  And their songs have roots deep in the past, but still crackle with experimental fervour.

They were formed in 2003 by Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders in a basement below a clothes shop in Soho.  Over time they have been joined by Ashley Bates, Phil Winter, Becky Jacobs and Martin Smith in their British twisted folk-pop-rock collective.

Tinariwen were formed in Southern Algeria by three young friends living in exile.  In the 1980s they became soldier-musicians, lured into military camps in Libya.  After a brief and painful rebellion against the government of Mali, they accepted peace and finally realised their dream of becoming full-time musicians.  Their name, based on ‘Kel Tinariwen’ means ‘desert boys’.  

This unique collaboration is a spellbinding prospect for fans of either band and for anyone with open ears.

This unique tour offers an opportunity to experience the collaboration live, a spellbinding prospect for fans of either band, and for anyone with open ears.


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