Guilty Pleasures - Copacabana

Guilty Pleasures - Copacabana

The summer season continues in June

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer is coming. Endless days of splendid weather await as we inadvertently expose our flaccid, upper thighs to strangers whilst behaving like tramps sitting in parks drinking all day. Oh God bless the sunshine! 

Inspired by the hot yellow rays and opportunities to parade about in speedos, Guilty Pleasures are throwing not just one stupendous summer party, but Goddamnit, a whole season of summer beach parties at the splendid resort of KOKO on glorious Camden High Street. 

Lead by head red coat, Sean Rowley, the Guilty Pleasures cast of dancers, prancers, singers, djs and general show offs will be following a strict regime of three ice creams daily, 2pm Piña Coladas and poorly barbequed meat in order to keep themselves match fit for the non stop summer fun. 

It all kicks off on May 29th down at Club Tropicana with our 80’s beach party including special guests Wham!Duran performing live on stage. June 26th sees us flying down to Rio and the hottest spot north of Havana, Copacabana for a Brazilian party of pop wonder. Finally we close our season on a hula holiday as we say Aloha, Hawaii on July 29th featuring special guests, the Bikini Beach Band and a whole host of coconuts.

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