Friday, June 3, 2011

How good are Veto, I hear you ask? Well, after releasing their first EP, I Will Not Listen, and their first full-length album, There's A Beat In All Machines, Veto became favourites of music lovers across the continent. They spent 2007 being given various amazing titles such as Band of the Year, No. 1 Band, you get the picture. And in case you thought it was all just hype, maybe ask the crowd of 20,000 they blew away at Rockslide in '08? So, pretty good then.

And why not enjoy a drink our our roof terrace bar before the show?

£2.50 Specials…
Becks Vier 440ml
Bulmers Cider 440ml
House Wine 175ml
Vodka & Mix

From 7-8pm Monday to Thursday and from 5:30-9:30pm* Fridays (ticket holders only).

*if an early show is booked on a Friday the offer runs 7-8pm only.

For more information go here.